New Beginnings

This post marks a new beginning for myself and apenutmize, the EdTech consultancy company I have decided to found.

After leaving Open Assessment Technologies, doing some deep introspection and talking to many people in my network (for which I am most grateful), I have come to the conclusion that starting a new company is the best way for me to fulfill my personal mission for making “education as the great equalizer” a reality.

By working as an independent consultant, I can work with all types of organizations from all over the world, both educational institutions and EdTech vendors; providing guidance on strategy, use of open standards and best practices on implementations. Having served on both ends for almost 20 years, I can assist bridging the divide and bring organizations closer together through standards; enabling open ecosystems to best support the learners of today and tomorrow.

This recent crisis will likely widen the equity gap in education on the short term; technology alone cannot solve that unfortunately, but it can be part of a solution, providing access to learning materials to students from all regions, backgrounds, ages and abilities.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly to explore opportunities. Looking forward to continue working with all of you in the future,