Apenutmize provides consultancy services to both educational institutions (ministries of education, states/districts, educational providers) and EdTech vendors (of Learning Management Systems, assessment platforms, other learning tools) of any size on the strategic, tactical and operational level.

Strategic Level

On the strategic level, we support institutions and vendors in defining the (product) strategy, taking into account latest industry and technology developments and trends. Services on this level include:

  • Inspirational sessions: as a renowned public speaker, Mark can host an inspirational session on open strategies, providing an overview of the industry, trends and open standards development.
  • Strategy definition and validation: having worked for almost 20 years in EdTech, Mark can validate and help define the strategy for your (part of an) organization or product, providing useful recommendations.
  • Technical due diligence: with his background in Computer Science and extensive experience in the EdTech industry and investment rounds from both the institutional and the (startup) vendor perspective, Mark can assist in the technical due diligence process for M&A (mergers and acquisitions).

Tactical Level

Once your strategy is defined, executing it can often benefit from additional services on the tactical level, including:

  • Presentations on selected topics: if you are in need of a crash course on specific EdTech topics or product features (e.g. Computer Adaptive Testing, Accessibility or GDPR) or open standards (e.g. QTI 3, the Standards on CAT or Remote Proctoring), we can tailor sessions specifically to your needs.
  • Product analysis and recommendations: curious to know whether your product or implementation lives up to the standard(s) and compares to others? We can do a thorough analysis of your product or implementation and provide specific recommendations for improvements.
  • Networking and partnering: based on his extensive network built through almost 20 years in the industry, Mark can assist in networking activities such as selecting (tool) partners, representation in standards organizations and providing in-ways with industry experts.

Operational Level

Lastly, we can provide operational, typically longer term, services on a project basis, including:

  • Architecture and requirements analysis: we bring extensive experience in defining and analyzing (enterprise, software and infrastructure) architectures and performing business analysis on a detailed (epic and story) level for specific projects, products or implementations.
  • Support defining and responding to Requests for Proposals (RFPs): based on his extensive experience in (winning) responses to RFPs, Mark can assist institutions in defining RFPs, including all the related open standards, Accessibility and GDPR requirements, and assist vendors in responding to them.
  • Product owner role during execution: if you’re in need of support during the actual build or implementation of the solution, Mark, with his extensive experience and certifications in project methodologies (PRINCE2, IPMA), agile software development methodologies (SCRUM, SAFe) and other frameworks such as ITIL can support you as an (assistant) product owner or other advisory or steering committee role.

If you have any questions on our services, please feel free to contact us.